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Gratitude: 3 Good Things:

Here are just a couple of tools or exercises that anyone can use to increase their happiness levels.

Give them a try every day for at least one week and see if you notice any difference.

Spending Time in Nature:

    If you have hearing, listen to the sounds.

   Touch things; feel the texture of the leaves and flowers, the sand or stones, the temperature of the water, be as curious as a child.

   If it’s practical, find somewhere to sit and just be for a while. If possible, watch the waves roll in or the interaction of the birds and animals around you.

Happiness Exercises

This is just a small sample of the kind of happiness exercises that we can do. For more exercises and some general information on happiness and happiness studies, try my online course:

“ Choose Happiness: 10 Simple Steps to a More Contended Life”.

It contains 2 Hours of Video Content including lectures and guided exercises

 Access is for life.   

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